Big Green Week is ‘most successful yet’

Big Green Week, an annual event that celebrates all things sustainable and clean, came to a close at the end of September, with organisers hailing it as the “most successful week yet”. The event, which takes place at East Midlands Airport, is an important part of the hub’s plan to become carbon neutral by the year 2012.

Demonstrating the “importance of being green in the workplace” to hundreds of people and 15 businesses, Big Green Week provided guests with tutorials on a range of activities, from composting and vegetable planting, to bicycle maintenance and ‘eco-driving.’

Eco-driving involves learning new, more efficient driving techniques on a simulator, resulting in a 16% reduction in fuel consumption.

Whether visitors will continue tending parsnips during their regular lives is debatable but, contrary to what Kermit the Frog sang in 1970, Big Green Week seeks to highlight that ‘bein’ green’ is a relatively simple affair, with many attendees choosing just one bad habit to kick for seven days.

Neil Robinson, environment boss at the Castle Donnington airport, was impressed by the turnout for the third annual Big Green Week. He stated: “We have had an exceptional amount of commitment this week and we are proud that everyone is so active in being green”.

East Midlands Airport is well known for its ecological approach to aviation, barring a few arguments with villagers over airport noise. The hub became one of the first airports to adopt biomass energy in March this year, and is currently petitioning Leicester council for permission to build several wind turbines at the site.

The airport also managed to recycle an impressive total of 84% of its overall waste in 2009, more than any other hub in the UK.

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