East Midlands Airport announces 2016 summer schedule

East Midlands Airport sees around 4 million passengers a year and employs around 6,000 staff. After announcing a new flight schedule for the summer of 2016, could we see an improvement on both of these figures?

East Midlands Airport and Ryanair have joined forces and have announced they will be adding a further 35 routes across Europe, thus creating a summer schedule to remember!This will mean that you will be able to reach some of the most popular holiday destinations in Europe, without queuing for hours.

The routes include Malaga in Spain and Chania in Greece, which are both popular with tourists during the summer months. With these extra routes, the airport is expecting a further 2.3m passengers next year. With airlines already flying long-haul from East Midlands to Cancun and Orlando, the airport is certainly moving with the times and gradually becoming the more popular choice.

More destinations you will now be able to choose from include; Corfu, Lanzarote, Berlin and Krakow. If any of these take your fancy, make sure you look into flying from East Midlands Airport and remember to use our guide when you’ve booked your tickets!

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