East Midlands Airport celebrates record year

Last week saw some good news emerge from East Midlands Airport, with officials announcing a record year in 2008. Approximately 5.6 million passengers took advantage of the facilities and routes offered by the airport, which has been working hard to raise its profile in the local area and beyond during recent years. The opening three quarters of the year were particularly successful and East Midlands Airport managed to record a total increase with regards to passenger numbers of 3.9 per cent compared to the figures for 2007. November and December were slightly more challenging months for the airport, as potential travellers prioritised the purchase of festive gifts over last minute long weekends.

The managing director of East Midlands Airport, Penny Coates, revealed her excitement at the news. She believes the increase in passenger numbers is a “great achievement” for the officials at the airport and “evidence that the efforts” being made to continually improve the airport “experience” for customers have culminated in success.

The year ahead is likely to be a tough one for East Midlands Airport and, like numerous managing directors at other airports across the United Kingdom, Coates revealed that the airport is fully expecting to see an overall decline in passenger numbers as the recession impacts upon the aviation industry. However, despite the challenges which the following year may bring, she believes that those in charge at the airport will remain fully “committed to improving the customer experience” which has proved so attractive over the last year.

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