East Midlands Airport could have a new cargo site

Parcel delivery service, UPS have submitted plans to build a new £100 million air freight terminal which could see 1,000 new jobs come with it to East Midlands Airport.

The national organisation is planning on constructing a brand new sorting and delivery office on land which is currently used by East Midlands Airport as parking.

The site that it currently operates from covers 86,000 sq ft and employes a range of packing handlers, screeners, clerical workers, support staff, team leaders, supervisors and a manager.In the past decade, over 100 million packages have been processed there, serviced by six flights a day. The parcel group are looking to invest up to £114 million for the new 28.5 acre site, which makes it one of the biggest operations that the company has invested in. The detailed plans for the future state how the expansion looks to employ 936 people within two years and 1,392 within eight years.

In a statement a UPS spokeswoman said: “UPS is always looking to make strategic investments that provide opportunities to grow our business and to strengthen the services and solutions that we bring to our customers.“We can confirm that planning permission has been submitted for expansion of our operations at the East Midlands Airport.“Given that the planning stage is not finalised at this time, we are not able to provide further specifics.”

East Midlands Airport is already the the busiest pure cargo airport in the UK, second only to Heathrow Airport which oversees the handling of more than 320,000 tonnes each year. The airport plans to triple its freight shipments to one million tonnes a year within the next 10 to 20 years.

Andy Cliffe, managing director at East Midlands Airport, said: “There are still very positive growth conversations at the airport – UPS has recently submitted £100 million plans for a new parcel distribution facility here.

“That’s a significant addition to what they already have at the airport and we take transatlantic flights for those guys and from all over Europe.“DHL have their extension, while on the passenger side we are still in growth mode.“I would describe this as a time of enormous opportunities, but at the same time some of the risks (associated with Brexit) are very significant.”

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