East Midlands Airport set to double

East Midlands Airport has been making plans to double the number of passengers that move through the airport each year. The idea is to widen the scope of European destinations within the next year in order to attract more passengers.

A new ‘sustainable development plan’ has been launched with plans to grow from 4 million passengers a year to 10 million within the next 30 years. This will mean a huge expansion for East Midlands airport, including the creation of 7000 jobs and the building of new terminals.

This announcement comes amidst a huge push by the parent company, Manchester Airports Group (MAG) to turn around many of their less popular airports. Social Responsibility Director of MAG, Neil Robinson, has said: "We’re forecasting big increases in passenger numbers. And jobs will double in line with that."

One of the main reasons for the change is to provide more convenience for the passenger. Currently, East Midlands Airport does not offer flights to many of the top European destinations, meaning holiday-makers have to travel to other regions in order to get there. Robinson hopes to give these passengers a chance to fly from East Midlands, an airport closer to their homes, by including more European destinations in their routes.

Despite the growth in traffic, MAG are concerned about reducing the carbon footprint of the airport and have also set targets to address for this. Robinson assured the public that going forward they would be aiming to increase recycling and to put an end to waste being dumped into landfills, as part of their new environmentally-friendly policy.

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