EasyJet bored of East Midlands

and East Midlands Airport have parted ways. The airline, noted for its orange and white livery, cited traffic stagnation as the reason for its decision, which could see hundreds of jobs lost before the end of the year.

Despite a much-publicised row with Luton Airport, EasyJet remains one of the most profitable carriers in the country, weathering the recession virtually unscathed and emerging with its pockets lined with jewels.

Few could fault the airline’s business plan.

Since then, EasyJet has proved a difficult beast to calm. After downsizing at two major UK airports, the airline is now determined to take its operations abroad to more profitable hubs in mainland Europe.

Budget airline BMIbaby has pledged to plug the hole left by EasyJet’s departure. Crawford Rix, managing director of the carrier, was keen to support the beleaguered airport, saying that East Midlands is "home to BMIbaby", and wanted to reassure the people that "we will remain committed to the airport”.

During August, Ryanair and EasyJet axed flights at Newcastle, London-Luton, Robin Hood, East Midlands and Manchester, leading to accusations of bullying on the part of the airlines. The pair dissolved hundreds of jobs between them, simply because airports refused to acquiesce to their demands.

Despite moving to airports with cheaper landing fees, Ryanair boss Michael O’Leary had the gall to increase check-in costs by 50%. Factoring in all the obligatory charges, a typical ‘budget’ airplane ticket now costs in excess of £100.

Jet2 has been quick to capitalise on Ryanair’s escape from UK airports, and other budget airlines will be all too eager to fill EasyJet’s shoes.

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