Jet2 pledges new routes

Next year, travellers near East Midlands Airport (EMA) will be able to choose two new destinations from their holiday brochure, thanks to a UK-wide expansion from Yorkshire-based carrier, Jet2. The airline will begin flying from the Castle Donnington hub to the cities of Murcia and Malaga in May 2012.

Murcia is the capital of the autonomous (self-governing) region of the same name, located in southeastern Spain. The city enjoys a privileged position on the fertile Segura River, and counts lettuce, oranges, and tomatoes as its primary exports. However, Murcia is perhaps best known for its scorching summers, and the baroque styling of its buildings, which include the Cathedral of Murcia, one of the tallest in Spain.

EMA’s second new route, Malaga, needs no introduction. The Spanish city is, alongside Alicante and Benidorm, one of the most popular ‘sun and sea’ resorts in Western Europe.

Jet2’s decision to sell tickets almost a year in advance might seem unusual, but the move could prove beneficial for both the airline, and its customers. Pre-sales will give Jet2 some indication of how well its two new routes are going to perform, while customers can benefit from the low prices typically offered during advance sales promotions.

The silver and red carrier claims that “customer demand” was the impetus for its decision to add new routes at EMA. Jet2 has also cited its bourgeoning popularity for an increase in flight capacity on its routes from the airport. An alleged 4,300 extra seats will be available on aeroplanes bound for Alicante, the Algarve, Majorca, and Tenerife, from May next year.

Flights from EMA to Malaga and Murcia will operate five and three times a week, respectively. Prices begin at £34.99.

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