Rock choir flashmob stun unsuspected flyers at East Midlands Airport

Unsuspecting travellers had a big surprise waiting for them at East Midlands Airport as a huge flash mob broke out on Friday 17th & Sunday 19th May at EMA.
Local Rock Choir members from across Derbyshire and Nottinghamshire stunned flyers with the surprise performances of their hit songs Roar, Can’t Stop the Feeling & This is Me, with over 120 singers taking part!
It was only when the pretend-to-be passengers whipped off their jackets and reveal their choir credentials did passers-by notice their true intentions as part of a rock choir. At that point the passengers were amazed with the true talents of the group & the choir received an extremely warm round of applause from spectators after their performance.
The flash mob was led by the choir leader, Jennie Harwood and raised money for the charity MIND who offer information and advice to people with mental health problems. This was all part of Mental Health Awareness week.
To start the flash mob Jennie started singing on her own. Then choir member by choir member they all joined in from the departure section of the airport. When the song finished, the choir then performed a few more songs to raise as much money for charity as they could while passers-by were left impressed by their unexpected entertainment.
Jennie said afterwards, ‘We thoroughly enjoyed ‘flashmobbing’ the surprised holiday makers of East Midlands airport at 4.30am in the morning! Rock Choir members appeared to be members of the public there for a holiday then suddenly burst into song and started to gather. It was a wonderful event raising money and awareness for such a brilliant charity.

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East Midlands Airport Flashmob

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