East Midlands Airport unveils world’s first 737-800 cargo aircraft

Cargo specialists West Atlantic, based at East Midlands Airport, have very recently received the world’s first 737-800 Boeing Converter Freighter aircraft.

This model of jet is usually used by many airlines for short-haul passenger flights, but with other variations of aircrafts used today, Boeing are converting existing 737-800s into cargo carriers. The company relocated its UK operations from Coventry Airport to East Midlands in November of 2017.

Neil Robinson, Corporate and Social Responsibility Director at East Midlands Airport, said: “We’re delighted that West Atlantic is leading the way by leasing Boeing’s new freight aircraft. We work closely with all our airline partners to ensure that everything is being done to minimise the impact of our operations on the local community. While we want to grow the business, and attract more airlines to give a greater choice to passengers and businesses who need goods transporting all over the world, we’re very focused on sustainable growth in line with our commitment to being a good neighbour.”

West Atlantic, who deliver good on behalf of Royal Mail and DHL from EMA, are leasing 4 of the new aircrafts, while 3 more will be added to the fleet in the upcoming months.

West Atlantic’s chief executive, Fredrik Groth, commented: “We’re excited to be the first operator of the 737-800BCF. The additional capacity and Next Generation efficiency offered by this new aircraft will deliver real benefits to our customers and we’re delighted to be at the forefront of delivering this new technology. This aircraft, and the additional three being delivered to us within the next 11 months, will be operated for one of the most recognised global integrators within their European Network. With the 800 BCF, we expect to improve reliability, lower aircraft operating costs, and leave a better environmental footprint.”


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