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There's no denying that travelling with children, especially younger ones, can add a little extra stress, panic and planning to your trip. That's why we have put together this page to help you prep your trip beforehand; we'll answer questions like;

"Where are the baby changing facilities?"

"Are there family-friendly places to eat?"

Let's explore, shall we?

"Where are the baby changing facilities at East Midlands Airport?"

Adjacent to men's and ladies' toilets, both before and after security, you'll find dedicated baby changing rooms with seating for nursing for breastfeeding mothers.

Speaking of feeding, you're allowed to take enough baby food or milk through security as is needed for the journey, so don't worry about the 100ml limit on those.

Baby changing facilities at East Midlands Airport - Travelling with Children

"Are there family-friendly places to eat in the airport?"

Family friendly places to eat at East Midlands Airport - Travelling with Children
All of the eateries at the airport are child friendly! Opt for a cheap and cheerful burger at Burger King, classic Italian American cuisine from Frankie and Bennys or just a quick Babyccino. Check out the bars & restaurants page for a full list of options.

Advice for travelling with children

Passengers travelling with children may find that some airlines cater to younger passengers by providing colouring sheets and activities for them to do on the plane. However, not all airlines do this, so it's always worth being prepared and bringing your own means of distraction.

Make a list of everything you will need. New security measures mean that you can only carry a limited amount of baby food and drink onto the plane in a clear plastic bag; the bag must be no larger than 20cm by 20cm. Make sure you prepare for this to avoid any problems at security.

Will you be hiring a car when you reach your destination? If so, did you know that child seats are a requirement throughout Europe? If you have children under 12, make sure you hire a child seat, too. If you have your own ISOFIX car seat, you may want to bring that along with you to save you some money!

If you require any more information on child seat laws in the UK, head over to the Department for Transport website.

Useful reading

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