East Midlands Airport Currency Exchange

With so many options available when it comes to travel money, it’s no wonder it can be a confusing business! The different rates, the various providers and whether or not to opt for cash or card are just some of the considerations you need to take.

One thing you can be sure of though is that exchanging your money at the airport last minute is one of the most expensive ways to do it unless you pre-order it online. Read on for more information on why this is.

Explore East Midlands Airport Currency Exchange

There is 2 Travelex bureau de change desks at East Midlands Airport where you can order currency; one before and one after security control. Both offer over 70 currencies at competitive exchange rates and you can opt for cash or one of their Travel Money Cards.

Travelex at East Midlands Airport

Travelex is located before security near the main terminal entrance It is also available after security. As one of the top foreign currency exchange providers, Travelex is a good choice if you want to exchange money for your trip.
  • Order your currency now and get the best rates!
  • Trusted foreign currency provider
  • Easy to find at the airport
  • Price Promise – Order online and lock in their online rate, even if picking up in-store
  • Multiple options – get your cash at the airport, or order online and pick up at the airport, in a local store, or get it delivered to your home.
East Midlands Airport Currency Exchange - post office

Why use The Post Office?

  • Order Currency – Post Office
  • Great rates online
  • 0% Commission
  • Home Delivery Mon-Sat
  • 12,500 branches for pick up

East Midlands Airport Currency Exchange

The Post Office are a really well-known travel money provider in the UK and can offer home delivery of your holiday cash Monday to Saturday. You can also go into one of their 12,500 branches to pick your currency up, but be sure to order online first to guarantee the best rates possible.