Travel Money

With so many options available when it comes to travel money, it’s no wonder it can be a confusing business! The different rates, the various providers and whether or not to opt for cash or card are just some of the considerations you need to take.

One thing you can be sure of though is that exchanging your money at the airport last minute is one of the most expensive ways to do it, unless you pre order it online. Read on for more information on why this is.

Bureau de Change at East Midlands Airport

There are 2 Travelex bureau de change desks at East Midlands Airport where you can order currency; one before and one after security control. Both offer over 70 currencies at competitive exchange rates and you can opt for cash or one of their Travel Money Cards.

As the world’s biggest travel money provider, serving over 30 million customers each year, Travelex can provide all of your usual currency exchange services, along with a VAT refund service for non EU residents. You’ll find one desk before security and one after security. Opt to purchase your currency online and benefit from better rates; then simply pick up your currency from your chosen kiosk, with that locked in rate!

Bureau de Change outside East Midlands Airport

If you prefer to collect your cash whilst shopping for your holiday essentials, you could always opt to use Post Office for your travel money needs. They also offer a Travel Money Card and favourable online rates.