East Midlands Airport - Check In Times

Don't be the person whose name is being called over the tannoy because the plane is waiting for you! You should always allow yourself plenty of time to get checked in, drop your bags, get through security and get to your flight. As a guide, we recommend giving yourself the below amount of time between check-in and departure:

east midlands airport departures
east midlands airport departures
east midlands airport departures

Terminal Information

There is only one terminal operating at East Midlands Airport; check out the facilities available to you.

Edinburgh Airport Terminal Information

Find a Taxi

Check out our list of trusted local taxis for Edinburgh Airport and get prices!

Taxis at Edinburgh Airport


Find out security restrictions and what to expect at the airport.

Security at Edinburgh Airport

Bars & Restaurants

Hungry? Head to one of the many bars & restaurants for a bite to eat before you board your flight. It’ll be a nice way to relax.

Bars and Restaurants at Edinburgh Airport

Flight compensation

Check out today whether you are owed compensation for a flight that was recently delayed or cancelled:

Edinburgh Airport flight compensation